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Glass Writing Boards

Infomate Glass Boards

Infomate Glass Boards are aesthetically stylish & extremely durable.


Glass boards used are tempered hence it will not chip, stain, ghost, scratch or dent despite of heavy use. Thickness of glass is 4mm.


Smooth writing & easy cleaning.


Can be easily fitted.


Standard sizes available:

1ft x 1ft,   2ft x 3ft,   3ft x 4ft,   3ft x 5ft,   4ft x 6ft,.


Boards can be made as per specific size also. Boards are available in various colours against order.


Glass Boards can be supplied in Magnetic or Non Magnetic Surface

Particular  Product Code
Glass Board Magnetic GBMM + (Size of Board)
Glass Board - Non Magnetic GBNM + (Size of Board)




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