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Infomate Rotary Tower

SOP Folder Rotary Stand

Rotary Tower comes with a Rotary Unit mounted at convenient height, on a Metallic Stand. The Rotary Unit can accommodate up to 50 Folders. A suitable stoper can help you marking two adjacent folders open conveniently in front.


Ideally suited for Conferences , Exhibitions, Department Stores etc , for displaying Photographs, Product Leaflets etc.



Size No. Of Folders Product Code - Normal Folders
A3 40 RTA340
A3 50 RTA350
A4 40 RTA440
A4 50 RTA450







Size No. Of     Folders Product Code - Quick View Folders
A3 40 RTA340 - QV
A3 50 RTA350 - QV
A4 40 RTA440 - QV
A4 50 RTA450 - QV









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