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Infomate Wall Unit

sop folder wall unit


Wall Unit comes with a Powder Coated Metallic Bracket that can be easily fixed to the wall. It can accommodate up to 10 Folders


Wall Unit with Stainless Steel Bracket can also be provided which can accommodate 5 or 10 molded folders. SS Bracket Wall units are suitable for Pharmacy Industry or in industries wherein there in high contents of water or moisture.


The Folders are molded from PP and transparent PVC sheet. The folders are available in 5 different coloured Boarders – Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Special colours can be supplied on request based on volume. These Wall Units are ideally suited for Shop floors , Machine Shops, Assembly Lines and also Exhibitions etc. where Documents are required to be referred repeatedly.



Product Codes : MS Powder Coated Bracket
Size No. Of Folders Product Code
A3 5 WU A3 05
A3 10 WU A3 10
A4 5 WU A4 05
A4 10 WU A4 10
Product Codes : Stainless Steel Bracket
Size No. Of Folders Product Code
A3 5 SWU A3 05
A3 10 SWU A3 10
A4 5 SWU A4 05
A4 10 SWU A4 10





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